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StayFresh HCC5

Ceramic Coating

Harsh UV and UVB rays attack your vehicles clear coat every day. Along with other criminal elements these age the clear coat over time, and when left unprotected, the clear coat can fail fast.  When applied, HCC5 offers a structural layer of protection that conforms to the body of the vehicle. Advanced sheeting and water beading ability are immediately noticed when fully cured. This actually promote a self cleaning shield. This maintains a cleaner vehicle and for longer periods at a time. HCC5 also offers extreme mar resistant abilities. Marring occurs when you actually wash the vehicle, touch it, and or rub something against the clear coat. Marring is microscopic swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Over time this damage builds up and truly reveals itself on the car. While scratching, marring and oxidation ruin a vehicles true appearance, the HCC5 hardness factor can resist the most common elements that damage your investment. Marring and scratching are drastically reduced giving you show quality results for years.

- Superior Water Beading         Nano Technology -

- Ultra Hydrophobic -

- Self Cleaning -

- Enhanced Gloss and Clarity -

- Mar, Scratch, and chemical Resistant -

- Up to 5 Years of Protection 

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